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27.03.2017 15:09  Videos

Video: Statkevich talks to reporters after detention by KGB, announces change of protest tactics

26.03.2017 20:29  Videos

Video: Riot police grab people at center of Minsk

25.03.2017 17:31  Videos

Video: Police suppress opposition demonstration in Minsk

24.03.2017 19:27  Videos

Video: Visiting PACE rapporteur speaks about arrests of protesters in Belarus

23.03.2017 19:12  Videos

Video: Dashkevich's arrest may be linked to Lukashenka's claim about "armed militants," wife says

21.03.2017 19:41  Videos

Video: Minister on ways to raise pay for health workers

20.03.2017 19:52  Videos

Video: Belarusian Association of Journalists responds to recent arrests of reporters

16.03.2017 15:32  Videos

Video: “March of non-parasites” against Lukashenka’s Decree No. 3 staged in Minsk

15.03.2017 17:08  Videos

Video: Foreign Minister Makey admits to fears over "fragile" dialogue with EU

14.03.2017 19:18  Videos

Video: Foreign Minister Makey meets with German foreign ministry's official

14.03.2017 18:58  Videos

Video: French ambassador, chefs meet with reporters ahead of French cuisine festival

13.03.2017 19:01  Videos

Video: Leader of Malady Front walks free after three days in jail

10.03.2017 19:05  Videos

Video: Presidential Administration head firm on $500 pay task

10.03.2017 18:27  Videos

Video: Presidential Administration head hands out passports to teenagers

09.03.2017 17:53  Videos

Video: Dissident rocker's band concludes Belarusian tour with show in Minsk

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