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Video: Journalist sentenced to jail following police raid on Belsat TV correspondent`s apartment

Journalist Ivan Shulha who was apprehended by police when they attempted to raid a Belsat TV correspondent`s apartment in Minsk on Wednesday has been sentenced to 10 days in jail.
A judge of Minsk`s Savetski District Court found the man guilty of petty hooliganism under the Administrative Offenses Code`s Article 17.1.
The prosecution said that Mr. Shulha inflicted a bodily injury on a policeman officer on duty.
The defendant denied his guilt.
Mr. Shulha, a member of the Belarusian Association of Journalists, was apprehended by police between their two unsuccessful attempts to get without any warrants into an apartment that Belsat TV correspondent Mikhail Yanchuk leases from opposition politician Ales Mikhalevich.
The officers first explained that they had arrived in connection with a report from neighbors complaining about “noisy drinking parties” at Mr. Yanchuk’s premises. When attempting to get inside for the second time, they said that they wanted to talk about the apprehension of Mr. Shulha, alleging that he had attacked a policeman when leaving the address earlier in the day.
The journalist spent the night at the detention center on Akrestsina Street.
His colleague, Yanina Melnikava, dismissed the trial as a kangaroo court. "It was a usual trial," she told BelaPAN. "No one listened to the arguments of the defense counsel or Ivan. Everything was done just as ordered and he was sentenced to 10 days in jail."
Policemen who witnessed for the prosecution made conflicting statements, she stressed.
As for alcohol testing, Ms. Melnikava said, it did not establish that the journalist was under the influence, although there was some alcohol in his blood due to a party that he had with his friend the previous evening.
Neighbors saw that Mr. Shulha did not attack the officer, but the judge refused to summon them, she said.




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