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Video: Organizers comment on their plans for October 8 “Narodny Skhod” rallies

The "Narodny Skhod" (People`s Assembly) rallies, scheduled to take place across Belarus on October 8, will be fully legal, Henadz Fyadynich, chairperson of the Belarusian Union of Electronic Industry Workers, said at a news conference that the organizers of the rallies held in Minsk on Thursday.
“The legality of this initiative of citizens is provided for by the National and Local Assemblies Law,” Mr. Fyadynich said. “We’ll hold the rallies in accordance with the law. There should and will be no provocations on the part of our people. There will not necessarily be an upheaval on October 8. We don’t seek this. It will be the first step to establish dialogue. If the authorities have enough wisdom, they will do this. If not, I think the cleavage between the authorities and the people will become much greater.”
“The authorities have no doubt regarding the legality of our event,” Mr. Fyadynich said. “In Buda Kashalyova, police seized our flyers but gave them back after three days and offered apologies. Something like this had not happened before. We currently maintain contact with businesspeople who are ready to provide funds to organize cultural events after our rallies.”
Under the National and Local Assemblies Law, a local assembly at the level of a city, neighborhood, street or house may be initiated by at least two individuals if at least 10 percent of residents have added their signatures in support of holding such an event, said another organizer, Viktar Ivashkevich.
Former presidential candidate Uladzimir Nyaklyayew said with reference to an unnamed source that authorities were forming a new “gendarme regiment.” “They have concluded from the ‘silent protests,’ which spread all over Belarus, that they don’t have enough forces to suppress people’s resistance. Now that there is a systemic crisis, they appear to have found funds to feed one more regiment of men with batons.”
The Narodny Skhod rallies are expected to be held in Minsk, each of the five regional capitals and 48 district capitals, with participants to discuss the country`s social and economic problems and adopt petitions to the government.




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