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Video: Opposition politician comments on chance of having Electoral Code amended

Viktar Karnyayenka, a leader of the For Fair Elections group, said in an interview with BelaPAN on February 28 that he did not believe that former presidential candidate Dzmitry Uss would succeed in making the authorities amend the Electoral Code.
The electoral regulations currently in force make it possible not only to efficiently monitor elections but also to conduct “absolutely democratic elections,” Mr. Karnyayenka noted. “It’s clear that the regulations don’t guarantee that elections will be democratic,” he said. “They were written in such a way that its vague wordings allow people who are prone to fraud to use this vagueness to conduct elections according to the schemes that have been in place in Belarus in recent years. Election frauds are caused by the political culture and political aims of the current government rather than the regulations.”
“Uss’ effort is of benefit because it exposes the authorities’ reluctance to abide by regulations that they adopted by themselves, but one shouldn’t hope that this effort will change the situation,” Mr. Karnyayenka said. “Amendments to the law still don’t guarantee anything. The procedure for conducting a referendum on amendments to the electoral law is also worded in such a way that it is in fact impossible to hold it.”
The For Fair Elections group does not appeal to the authorities, but to the Belarusian voters who believe that elections held in the country are democratic, Mr. Karnyayenka noted. “According to the findings of independent surveys, half of Belarusians consider our elections democratic,” he said. “The main purpose of our campaign is to prevent frauds by catching specific persons in the act and then to inform the Belarusian voters of these instances.”
Mr. Karnyayenka noted that he supported a “reasoned ultimatum boycott” rather than participation in the forthcoming House of Representatives elections. “I can understand the reasons for participation in the elections, as [opposition] candidates are expected to stay in the race until the end to form an alternative to the candidates run by the authorities, but I like more the strategy of a reasoned ultimatum boycott,” he said. “To implement it, it is necessary to issue an ultimatum and demand adopting amendments that would guarantee the opposition’s participation in the formation of election commissions, observers’ rights and unhindered campaigning. The most important political demand is to release the political prisoners. If these conditions are fulfilled, the opposition will recognize the election results irrespective of how many seats, if any at all, it gets.”




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