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Video: Statkevich's nomination group submits registration application to central election commission

An application for the registration of the nomination group of imprisoned opposition politician Mikalay Statkevich was filed with the central election commission on Thursday.
The group is supposed to collect voter signatures for the registration of Mr. Statkevich as a presidential candidate. It consists of more than 1,700 people and is led by the politician’s wife, Maryna Adamovich.
"Mikalay has not made phone calls to me recently, although all prisoners have the right to make calls," said Ms. Adamovich.
Speaking after the application was submitted, she said, "I'm not sure that the group will be registered as law is a notion that you and I use. We will not end the campaign in any event. We will be spreading our main message not only before October 11 but at least until the release of all political prisoners."




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