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Video: Activists preparing to end vigil near Kurapaty

Activists started on Monday to dismantle their encampment outside a construction site near Kurapaty, a place where thousands of people are believed to have been executed by Stalin's secret police in the 1930s and 1940s.
Some 15 people were seen in the encampment in northeastern Minsk on March 6, two weeks after an opposition-organized round-the-clock vigil began at the site.
A private company, Belrekanstruktsyya, announced on March 2 that it was yielding to protesters' demands and would not build a business center at the site. All construction equipment has already been removed from the site.
Said Zmitser Dashkevich, co-chairperson of an opposition youth group Malady Front, "Today the campaign to defend the protected area around Kurapaty entered its 15th day. Fifteen is a symbolic number for the Belarusian state. Construction was done for five days. We have watched construction equipment and other things being removed from the site for 10 days. So standing here and protecting the fence while no construction is being done makes no sense. It has been halted. Now legal efforts will be undertaken. If construction is resumed, the encampment will be back. If [Andrey] Shorats looks for a different developer, we will consider the possibility of blocking the building of the Minsk City Executive Committee."




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