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Video: Presidential Administration head firm on $500 pay task

Natallya Kachanava, head of the Presidential Administration, warned on Friday that the government must work to accomplish the task of raising average monthly pay to $500 without question.
"Of course, there are difficulties, no one is hiding that," she told reporters after handing out passports to a group of 14-year-old boys and girls in a ceremony in Minsk. "The head of state has set a clear task of providing jobs to those who want to work. Work will be done to fulfill this task. We will oversee it. We understand that a person needs to have a job in order to live normally. But some of our people don't always want to work. So we will take a look, will go places. It is local governments that have been charged with the task. The task of increasing average pay to $500 must be fulfilled without question. These are the main matters on which the head of state has placed an emphasis. The tasks will be fulfilled, that's for sure, there can't be any other way. I served as a leader myself. I know that if one takes one's job responsibly, any tasks are well within one's range on the ground."




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