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In pictures: Protest against “parasite” tax staged in Maladzyechna

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(BelaPAN Photo/Syarhey Karalevich)
More than 700 people attended a rally in Central Square in Maladzyechna, a city of about 95,000 residents some 45 miles northwest of Minsk, protesting Alyaksandr Lukashenka’s decree that imposed a so-called parasite tax on non-working people.
Several opposition leaders had come to Maladzyechna from Minsk to join the protesters. In particular, the event featured Anatol Lyabedzka, leader of the United Civic Party; Yury Hubarevich, leader of the Movement for Freedom; and Vital Rymashewski, co-chairperson of Belarusian Christian Democracy.
Alyaksandr Yukhnavets, head of the Maladzyechna District Executive Committee, talked to the crowd.
In his brief speech, he warned the protesters that their rally was unauthorized and participation in it might entail charges under the Civil Offenses Code.
Mr. Yukhnavets said that if residents of the Maladzyechna district had any questions, they could come to the district executive committee and meet with officials and members of the House of Representatives.
Mr. Yukhnavets’s speech was met with hisses from the crowd. Some people shouted, “Shame on you!”
After the rally, the crowd marched about 500 meters to the local tax inspectorate. Some people were chanting various opposition slogans. A man was carrying a large white-red-white flag ahead of the procession.
Since the inspectorate was closed, protesters pasted copies of the resolution on the entrance door and went away.
Police watched but did not intervene.
However, several opposition leaders, including Messrs. Lyabedzka, Hubarevich and Rymashewski, were violently arrested following the protest.




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