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Video: Leader of Malady Front walks free after three days in jail

Zmitser Dashkevich, leader of an opposition youth group called Malady Front (Young Front), was released on Monday after serving out a three-day jail sentence.
The 35-year-old activist had been handed the jail term in connection with protests staged at Kurapaty, a site of Stalin-era executions outside Minsk, in February and early March.
Some 20 people, including fellow activists and reporters, gathered outside the detention center on Akrestsina Street in Minsk at noon to meet Mr. Dashkevich, but the activist had already been taken to a police station and released there.
The crowd did not leave and Mr. Dashkevich eventually returned to the scene, getting a warm welcome from associates.
"People have been taken to district police stations and released there for years," said Mr. Dashkevich. "I was taken to the Pershamayski district police station, where I was given my spectacles and Bible back. They suspended my driving license for two years and let me go. Liberalization is underway. They could have imprisoned me for three years. It may be surprising but both Syarhey Palchewski and I were de facto acquitted of charges relating to the acts that had angered them most, namely our efforts to stop construction equipment from operating."
"In order to stop this popular revolt that is gathering pace they need to send at least a couple of thousand to prison. Now is not the time when putting a dozen in prison may be enough."




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