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14.03.2017 14:14 Politics, Belarus — EU

Relations with Europe should be based on values, not only on pragmatism, deputy foreign minister says

By Tanya Korovenkova, BelaPAN
Minsk, 14 March. Belarus` relations with Europe should be based on values and not only on pragmatic considerations, Deputy Foreign Minister Aleh Krawchanka said in Minsk on Tuesday, speaking at a discussion on Belarusian-German relations.
Ties between Minsk and Berlin have gone through different periods since the establishment of bilateral diplomatic relations 25 years ago, said the deputy minister. "There were fairly difficult periods connected with difficulties in relations between Belarus and the European Union," he said. "The main contradictions have been overcome at present. We are interested to develop further relations with Germany, as far as it concerns both political dialogue, cooperation within in the framework of international organizations, and the development of trade and economic ties."
While this interest is "frank, well-grounded and pragmatic," Belarus` relations with Europe should be based on values and should not be limited to pragmatism, Mr. Krawchanka stressed. "We have shared these values for a long time despite some contradictions and differences," he said.
Making Belarus choose between close relations with the EU and Russia would be dangerous and counterproductive, the deputy minister warned. "This is a dangerous dilemma that contributes to escalating tensions in Europe, which we are observing now," he said. "In this context, we find it important to continue dialogue with the EU to overcome that. We should cooperate and continue our cooperation."




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