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Video: Foreign Minister Makey meets with German foreign ministry's official

Foreign Minister Uladzimir Makey met with a German delegation led by Michael Roth, the Federal Foreign Office's minister of state for Europe, in Minsk on Monday.
"Germany is particularly responsible for the European Union being a successful model," said Mr. Roth following the meeting. "The European Union should be responsible for peace, stability and democracy in entire Europe. And Belarus is one of the central countries in Eastern Europe. What we have achieved in recent years fills me with optimism. We have shifted from the policy of sanctions to the policy of cooperation. And we are giving clear promises: if Belarus continues moving toward democracy, the principles of a law-based state, that will have an added value for that country's citizens."
"We need to do even more to intensify cooperation in the spheres of economy, culture, science. That's why we expect specific results from Belarusian authorities. You know that Europe rejects the death penalty. If would be good if Belarus joined the European family that rejects the death penalty."
"It is important to us to be partners in politics. Freedom also annoys me sometimes. I read much about myself in newspapers that I don't like. But that is lawful and should be. And it is these things that strengthen a democratic society. When you respect a person's opinion, when NGOs, political parties may freely act, that is an important sign of a country's democratic quality," said Mr. Roth.




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