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Video: Plan to demolish post-war district in Minsk fails to get approval

The Tsentralny district administration in Minsk on Friday rejected a plan envisaging the demolition of Asmalowka, a step that was hailed as a "small victory" by activists campaigning for the preservation of the post-war residential district that is described by some experts as unique.
The plan was turned down at a meeting of the Minsk city government's architecture committee. Seven Asmalowka residents and activists were allowed to attend but reporters representing independent media organizations were barred from the meeting.
"We are shouting 'hurrah'," said local resident Andrey Ezeryn. "The main result is that the plan was not approved. People care about their own city. This is what matters most."
"Second, the city's chief architect said that he was ready for dialogue with residents. All people who spoke today understand that the time of simple decisions is over. The time has come for creative decisions, where the city's future is decided together with the public, its residents," said the official.




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