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In pictures: Woman whose daughter died after home birth convicted, released in courtroom

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(BelaPAN Photo/Syarhey Serabro)
A judge of a Vitsyebsk district court on Thursday sentenced a 31-year-old woman to six months in a low-security correctional institution over the death of her newborn daughter due to home birth complications.
Volha Stsyapanava was found guilty of manslaughter but was released in the courtroom. The woman had been held in a pretrial detention center for the past four months.
If the Vitsyebsk Regional Court upholds the sentence, Ms. Stsyapanava will have to spend the remaining two months of her term in a low-security correctional facility.
Forensic experts concluded that the cause of the girl's death was amniotic fluid aspiration.
It was the woman's second child. She gave birth to her first daughter at home too.
According to Ms. Stsyapanava's lawyer, the woman did not plan to give birth to her second child at home. She went into labor before she had a chance to call an ambulance.




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