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Video: Marine science museum opens doors to visitors in Minsk

A mobile marine science museum has opened its doors to visitors in Minsk.
Housed by a trailer designed to look like a submarine, the museum's collection includes exhibits such as diving equipment and models of early submarines.
"Here you can see the wooden submarine designed by Yefim Nikonov in 1721," said Syarhey Khalimonchyk, a guide at the Oceanology Center. "And this is what Karl Schilder's submarine looked like. Of course, this is not a present-day submarine but this was the first Russian combat submarine."
"Unfortunately, Belarusian children cannot always visit a sea, let alone an ocean. And this small museum gives them an opportunity to do so," said Mr. Khalimonchyk.
"Our planet should have been called Ocean, not Earth. Three-fourths of its surface are seas and oceans."




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