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Video: Experts discuss future of cryptocurrency via video link

Experts from five countries discussed the future of cryptocurrency via video link on January 11.
Belarusian experts spoke from the Minsk office of Sputnik Belarus, a media organization controlled by the Russian government.
"In Belarus cryptocurrencies exist in a legal vacuum, they are neither permitted nor banned," said Dzyanis Lawnikevich, a co-creator of Belarus' first-ever cryptocurrency, Taler. "But the situation makes the entire cryptocurrency community optimistic. We know that there will be normal regulations governing this entire activity."
"Any person may create his own cryptocurrency exchange. We have created an exchange where Taler is bought and sold for other cryptocurrencies. Such an exchange can be created by any smart programmer. And exchanges where state currencies are involved may only be created by a company that is a resident of the High-Technology Park, which means that it is under the microscope, and that has a deposit of $500 million in a bank."
"And what's more, the entire activity connected with the blockchain technology has been exempted from tax in Belarus," said Mr. Lawnikevich.




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