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Video: Private Korzhych's mother set to appeal ruling in his death case

The mother of Private Alyaksandr Korzhych has announced plans to appeal the Minsk Regional Court’s judgment in her son’s death case.
On November 5, three sergeants were sentenced to prison terms for allegedly driving Private Korzhych to suicide by bullying.
In particular, Yawhen Baranowski was sentenced to nine years in a medium-security correctional institution, while Anton Vyazhevich and Yahor Skuratovich were given seven and six years in a medium-security correctional institution, respectively.
Speaking to reporters after the judgment was pronounced, Svyatlana Korzhych insisted that abuse on the part of the sergeants could not have prompted her son to commit suicide. The woman remains certain that the private was murdered.
"I disagree with the judgment," said Ms. Korzhych. "I want to meet with Alyaksandr Ryhoravich [Lukashenka] in the first place in the presence of the defense minister. This lawlessness goes on. They have not taken tough measures, this is very soft, they have shifted the entire blame on sergeants, who are the weakest link. And it turns out that commissioned officers have nothing to do with that. This is lawlessness and arbitrariness!"
"I've been contacted by the mother of one of the latest victims. The soldier started opposing all this lawlessness. He later said, 'Mom, if I'm not discharged on health grounds I will desert.' He was dead two hours later."
"If stricter, tougher measures were taken, there would be drastic changes. And now no one is afraid of anyone. They endlessly demand payments, either in the military registration and enlistment office or in the army. Well, maybe we should move to a professional army instead of using this unpaid labor," said the woman.




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