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In pictures: Pro-government labor union federation holds May Day rally in Minsk

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(BelaPAN Photo/Syarhey Satsyuk)

The pro-government Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus (FTUB) held a Labor Day rally in Victory Park in Minsk on May 1.

The rally drew a crowd of at least 5,000. There were many university students, schoolchildren and factory workers in attendance, who had mostly arrived in organized groups well in advance of the beginning of the event.   

“Having a job and the opportunity to earn wages has always been the most important thing for every person and this is the main priority in our activities,” FTUB Chairman Mikhail Orda told reporters at the scene. “We often hear proposals to reform something and close down something. We are strongly opposed to the use of any shock measures or methods for solving economic problems. This sounds nice only in theory, but in practice, so-called shock therapy primarily leads to unemployment.”

The FTUB believes that the interests of both the employer and the employee should be taken into account in reform and modernization processes, Mr. Orda said, noting that the most important thing for the Federation is to take care of working people and ensure the just treatment of employees and a just distribution of wealth.

The Federation has always been opposed to confrontation and in favor of a constructive dialogue, “and what is going on in the world proves that we have chosen the right path,” Mr. Orda said. “Conflicts and confrontation only disunite society, and the disunity of society inevitably leads to chaos and destruction.”

Prior to the rally, a group of FTUB and government officials laid flowers at the nearby Minsk Hero City monument. The group included, among others, Maryyana Shchotkina, deputy chairperson of the Council of the Republic (Belarus’ upper parliamentary house); Anatol Sivak, head of the Minsk City Executive Committee; Energy Minister Viktar Karankevich; Information Minister Alyaksandr Karlyukevich; and Culture Minister Yury Bondar.




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