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Announcement. BelaPAN starts to use different transliteration system

From now on, BelaPAN will use a different transliteration system for Belarusian geographical names and other proper names.

The new system, based on “Bielaruskaja Lacinka,” the old Belarusian Latin alphabet, was adopted in 2000 by the Belarusian State Committee on Land Resources, Geodetics and Cartography, which issued an “Instruction on the Transliteration of Belarusian Geographical Names with Letters of the Latin Alphabet.”

The system was modified in 2007 to meet recommendations from the UN Working Group on Romanization Systems, which advised avoiding the use of digraphs if possible, and was adopted by the United Nations in 2008 as Belarus’ national transliteration system for the Belarusian language.

Belarusian authorities have declared the new system the only correct one. 

The system, which includes diacritical marks similar to those used in the Czech and some other European languages, is recognized as reversible and understandable in many countries.

BelaPAN previously used an old, heavily Russified transliteration system used for converting Cyrillic letters into English ones.




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