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Video: Lukashenka says he cares about world’s reaction to parliamentary election in Belarus

Aliaksandr Lukašenka revealed on Sunday that he was concerned about how the rest of the world would react to Belarus’ November 12-17 election for the House of Representatives.

Speaking to reporters at a polling station in Minsk, Mr. Lukašenka said that he cared about how the election would be perceived not only in the West but also in the “East and in China and in Turkey and in the [United Arab] Emirates.” “But I am not used to fretting over such things,” he said. “What I care about is that our election should be held according to our laws and constitution. We are conducting the election for our own country. We are conducting this election for our people, so that things get better in our country. And we are conducting it the way we understand it. If the public does not like how the president organizes it, it will elect a different president in six months’ time. And I won’t be clinging to the seat with my hands turning blue if you vote me out of power.”

Mr. Lukašenka claimed that unlike any other country in the world, Belarus was taking very seriously recommendations made by the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights. “And Lidzija Jarmošyna constantly tells you that there were such grievances, that we have fulfilled this and are moving toward that,” he said.

Departing from the subject, Mr. Lukašenka noted that he had warned the OSCE against putting too much pressure on Belarus to abolish the death penalty. “I say, are you nudging me toward putting the matter to a referendum? Then there will be an even bigger share of those who want to keep the death penalty than [in the 1996 referendum],” he said. “I say: do we need that? Europeans say: No. What should be done? We have devised a plan together with them and are implementing it quietly, convincing you, speaking to you, so that you make an informed decision on whether or not it should be kept.”




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