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Video: Minsk sees another huge anti-Lukašenka protest

An opposition demonstration in Minsk on August 30 drew tens of thousands of people for a third straight Sunday, with participants demanding the departure of Aliaksandr Lukašenka’s departure from the office of president and denouncing police brutality.

Demonstrators holding white-red-white flags, white and red balloons and signs streamed from different parts of Minsk to the center of the city despite a heavy police presence.

Police had cordoned off Independence Square ahead of the demonstration, and at some point black-clad police and plainclothesmen started rounding up demonstrators trapped between two police lines close to the square. Dozens of demonstrators were arrested at the scene.

As the crowd swelled some police cordons were removed, allowing demonstrators to march along Lenin Street and Pieramožcaŭ Avenue toward the heavily guarded Independence Palace, which is used by Mr. Lukašenka as his office.

The crowd eventually had their way blocked by rows of helmeted riot police carrying shields and metal railings a few hundred meters away from the Independence Palace. The mood was largely festive, as demonstrators made chants taunting Mr. Lukašenka, who turned 66 on Sunday, and left outside the police cordon what they said were birthday gifts for him, including toy prisoner vans and helicopters and mock funeral wreaths and caskets.




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