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Video: Hundreds arrested in police crackdown on protests in Minsk

Hundreds of people were arrested on Sunday as police violently dispersed crowds of protesters in Minsk and destroyed a makeshift memorial commemorating a murdered young man.

The memorial, made of candles, white-red-white flags and piles of flowers, had been set up in so-called Square of Change, the inner yard of a quarter of high-rise apartment blocks, following the death of Raman Bandarenka, a 31-year-old local resident who was beaten up and taken to a police station after an argument in the yard over white and red ribbons on a fence.

The young man succumbed to his injuries the following day.

Thousands of people came to the Raman Bandarenka memorial on Sunday to pay respects and protect it from being vandalized.

In the afternoon, riot police dispersed crowds around the memorial, using what were thought to be stun grenades and rubber bullets, and then, after a while, blocked off the area and encircled the remaining memorial defenders.

Hundreds of helmeted riot police were involved in the operation. The memorial defenders, some 200 people, formed a human chain around it with their arms locked together, but did not resist when police approached and started to grab them, one by one, and load them into prisoner transport trucks for transportation to police stations.

Earlier in the day, riot police dispersed thousands of people attempting to march. There were some clashes, with police using pepper spray and stun grenades.




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