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In pictures: Two Air Force pilots killed as trainer jet crashes in Brest region

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(BelaPAN Photo/Andrej Šaŭliuha)

Two Air Force pilots were killed on Wednesday when a trainer jet crashed in a residential district in Baranavičy, the Brest region’s second largest city, barely missing an apartment building.

The defense ministry’s press office said that the Russian-made Yakovlev Yak-130 plane’s pilots had detected mechanical failure during a training flight.

“Displaying courage and heroism, the pilots sought to steer the plane away from a populated area,” it said. “After making sure that residential buildings were not in the plane’s crash path, the pilots ejected. Unfortunately, both pilots died.”

The pilots were identified as Major Andrej Ničyporčyk and Lieutenant Mikita Kukanienka, both of the 116th Guards Ground Attack Aircraft Base in Lida, Hrodna region.




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