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Economic Crisis

  • 26.05.2011 15:26  Viewer, Economy,
    National Bank’s restriction may accelerate rubel’s plunge
  • 25.05.2011 17:05  Economy
    Lukashenka says Belarus will "manage to overcome" currency crisis
  • 24.05.2011 17:01  Economy
    IMF would not comment on rubel devaluation because of lack of information, says resident representative
  • 24.05.2011 16:30  Viewer, Economy,
    Economist says Belarus should sell its refineries to Russia
  • 24.05.2011 15:41  Economy
    Two companies said to have been hit by strikes on Monday
  • 24.05.2011 13:46  Economy, Politics,
    Russian president's advisor links Belarus' currency crisis to presidential election
  • 23.05.2011 14:39  Viewer, Economy, Security
    Russian assistance may jeopardize Belarus’ future
  • 21.05.2011 21:36  Viewer, Economy,
    Expert doubts that government will efficiently use EurAsEC loan, accumulate enough funds to overcome currency crisis
  • 20.05.2011 22:12  Economy
    Myasnikovich: Decisions toward stabilization of situation in exchange market to be taken next Monday or Tuesday
  • 20.05.2011 22:06  Economy
    Belarus will eat through $1 billion expected from EurAsEC Anti-crisis Fund, expert says
  • 20.05.2011 12:26  Economy
    EBRD official questions ability of Russia, other CIS countries to offer sufficient financial aid to Belarus
  • 19.05.2011 21:36  Videos
    Video: Belarus has agreed to conditions for receiving loan out of EurAsEC Anti-crisis Fund
  • 19.05.2011 15:53  Viewer, Economy,
    Price of Russia’s support may prove exorbitant
  • 19.05.2011 13:54  Economy
    Independent economic experts come up with anti-crisis program
  • 17.05.2011 16:35  Sports
    Athletes' foreign travel unaffected by currency crisis, deputy minister says
  • 16.05.2011 17:16  Viewer, Economy,
    Belarusian-Russian conflict may escalate
  • 13.05.2011 17:22  Economy
    Businesses in Minsk region have been affected by currency crisis, official says
  • 12.05.2011 19:19  Economy
    Russia's leading Internet search engine affected by Belarus' currency crisis
  • 12.05.2011 18:29  Economy
    Lukashenka: Situation in exchange market will be normalized in month or two
  • 12.05.2011 16:59  Viewer, Politics, Security
    Lukashenka does not seem to have anti-crisis strategy



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