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Economic Crisis

  • 24.08.2009 16:40  Viewer, Economy, Politics
    Belarus' trade with India booming despite crisis
  • 21.08.2009 16:59  Videos
    Video: Crisis not affected Belarus’ plans to build nuclear power plant, says deputy economy minister
  • 19.08.2009 15:36  Economy
    Official downplays crisis’ impact on investment in Minsk
  • 17.08.2009 21:16  Viewer, Economy,
    Government should gear up for protracted decline in external demand
  • 14.08.2009 21:04  Economy
    Belarusian beer market shrinking amid crisis, brewery CEO says
  • 14.08.2009 16:46  Videos
    Video: Crisis will reach bottom in Belarus in 2010, Yale University professor predicts
  • 14.08.2009 15:00  Economy, Society,
    Opposition coalition devises anti-crisis program for major companies in Hrodna
  • 10.08.2009 19:31  Viewer, Economy,
    Managers more concerned about macroeconomic, microeconomic risks
  • 05.08.2009 15:44  Economy
    Belarus should embark on innovative development path, former Prime Minister Linh says
  • 03.08.2009 21:53  Economy
    Economy minister describes government’s move to ban trade intermediaries as anti-crisis measure
  • 29.07.2009 12:28  Economy
    Advertising market in Belarus expected to bounce back sooner than in neighboring countries
  • 28.07.2009 20:51  Politics, Economy,
    It is premature to say how much macroeconomic support EU could provide to Belarus, commissioner says
  • 27.07.2009 16:02  Economy
    Lukashenka wants private businesses to contribute to export efforts
  • 27.07.2009 09:57  Society
    Russia ratifies agreement on establishment of Eurasian Economic Community’s anti-crisis fund
  • 22.07.2009 13:11  Politics
    Opposition coalition set to hold nationwide information campaign on September 30
  • 21.07.2009 16:10  Viewer, Economy,
    Cabinet showed poor performance in first six months
  • 17.07.2009 17:07  Economy
    Lukashenka calls for cut in expenses
  • 17.07.2009 16:28  Politics, Society,
    Police in Zhodzina attempt to prevent distribution of newspaper carrying opposition’s anti-crisis proposals
  • 14.07.2009 12:36  Economy
    Belarus’ exports to Poland plunged by 40 percent amid crisis, ambassador says
  • 12.07.2009 14:01  Economy
    Lukashenka: Privatization in Belarus has nothing to do with crisis



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