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Economic Crisis

  • 19.11.2020 21:40  Viewer, Politics,
    Minsk pointing finger at enemies in Belarus, abroad
  • 19.11.2020 21:38  Viewer, Politics,
    Lukašenka trying to stifle revolution, but many factors are against him
  • 14.11.2020 14:22  Viewer, Politics,
    Lukašenka opponents should be looking for mechanisms to engage authorities – analysis
  • 12.11.2020 20:10  Viewer, Politics,
    Lukašenka lacks resources to upkeep military dictatorship
  • 12.11.2020 20:05  Viewer, Politics,
    Lukašenka braces for economic turmoil
  • 06.11.2020 19:41  Viewer, Politics,
    Lukašenka hopes to restore pre-election status-quo
  • 04.11.2020 18:23  Viewer, Politics,
    Mass protests may upset Lukašenka’s, Kremlin’s plans
  • 31.10.2020 18:28  Viewer, Politics,
    Lukašenka building police state
  • 29.10.2020 16:10  Politics, Society,
    Participants at Congress of Belarusians of World to discuss ways of resolving crisis in Belarus
  • 28.10.2020 19:34  Society
    Opposition leader Paviel Latuška announces establishment of People’s Anti-Crisis Authority
  • 28.10.2020 19:07  Viewer, Politics,
    Lukašenka said to defy Moscow’s settlement plan, may reach out to West for help
  • 23.10.2020 17:59  Viewer, Politics,
    Moscow reminds Lukašenka of need for constitutional reform, presses for power transition – analysis
  • 23.10.2020 17:54  Viewer, Politics,
    New Normandy format may be needed to solve Belarus’ political crisis
  • 17.10.2020 19:18  Viewer, Politics,
    Democracy has never been Moscow’s plan for Belarus
  • 14.10.2020 21:19  Viewer, Politics,
    Kremlin realizes that Lukašenka about to fall, but he is holding on
  • 12.10.2020 15:33  Viewer, Economy,
    Political crisis may thwart Belarus’ plan to boost digital economy
  • 08.10.2020 15:59  Economy
    Belarusian energy ministry dismisses Gazprom’s claims about “possible disruptions” to transit of natural gas as unfounded
  • 08.10.2020 14:23  Viewer, Economy,
    Second pandemic wave may hit Belarusian businesses much harder
  • 07.10.2020 19:47  Viewer, Politics,
    Cichanoŭskaja’s diplomatic efforts anger Lukašenka, but he will not engage with opponents
  • 06.10.2020 11:14  Viewer, Politics, Security
    Lukašenka ruins state system to hold on to power



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