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Economic Crisis

  • 22.03.2009 13:07  Viewer, Economy,
    Latvia's entry into EU gave boost to economic cooperation with Belarus
  • 22.03.2009 12:17  Viewer, Politics,
    United Pro-democratic Forces' anti-crisis platform draws backlash
  • 21.03.2009 15:32  Viewer, Economy,
    State managers have no power to carry out comprehensive anti-crisis measures
  • 20.03.2009 18:16  Economy
    Finance ministries of Belarus, Russia will finalize their decisions on joint anti-crisis measures within week, says Russian Minister Kudrin
  • 20.03.2009 18:11  Economy
    Official statisticians report significant decrease in January in Belarus' trade with many countries
  • 20.03.2009 16:43  Economy
    Official denies coming mass job cuts at industrial enterprises
  • 19.03.2009 21:06  Economy
    Mahilyow budget revenues said to have fallen short by some $210,000 in first two months
  • 18.03.2009 21:51  Economy
    Belarus' economic model gives it several advantages amid global crisis, economy minister says
  • 18.03.2009 13:40  Politics, Economy,
    Economic crisis action plan expected to top agenda of meeting between Belarusian, Ukrainian premiers
  • 17.03.2009 22:57  Economy
    Full assessment of economy's performance amid global crisis will be made after first half of year, Lukashenka says
  • 16.03.2009 18:43  Videos
    Video: Opposition unveils anti-crisis measures
  • 16.03.2009 17:23  Economy
    Senior lawmaker meets with visiting chairman of Vietnamese parliamentary committee
  • 16.03.2009 16:58  Economy, Politics,
    Opposition coalition's anti-crisis platform to be discussed at next meeting of Public Advisory Council under Presidential Administration
  • 16.03.2009 15:11  Economy
    Government cutting back on budget spending, official says
  • 16.03.2009 14:19  Society
    Over 52,000 industrial workers in Belarus were forced to take leave in January, official statisticians say
  • 16.03.2009 12:30  Economy
    Major opposition coalition comes up with set of anti-crisis measures
  • 15.03.2009 19:44  Viewer, Economy,
    Belarus' economy in same condition as poorest EU countries
  • 15.03.2009 19:13  Viewer, Politics,
    Authorities interested in rapprochement with West, but want liberalization to be as slow as possible
  • 15.03.2009 17:18  Society, Economy,
    Participants at NGO social forum in Mahilyow urge government to adopt “adequate” anti-crisis program
  • 13.03.2009 17:39  Economy, Politics,
    Opposition coalition adopts anti-crisis platform



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