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Economic Crisis

  • 24.04.2009 19:12  Economy
    Sweden and Belarus need to increase trade, says visiting Swedish official
  • 24.04.2009 19:08  Viewer, Economy,
    Critic describes Lukashenka's economic message as political propaganda
  • 23.04.2009 23:20  Economy, Society,
    Difficult period for Belarusian economy will not end overnight, Lukashenka says
  • 23.04.2009 16:26  Economy
    Lukashenka warns against mass firings
  • 23.04.2009 15:52  Economy
    There will be no economic collapse in Belarus, Lukashenka says
  • 23.04.2009 15:11  Economy
    Lukashenka reiterates defense of rubel devaluation
  • 23.04.2009 13:58  Economy
    Lukashenka: Belarus should emerge from crisis first
  • 22.04.2009 21:16  Economy
    Profitability of transport services reported at minus 5.9 percent in first two months
  • 22.04.2009 20:30  Economy, Society,
    Belarusian Christian Democracy collecting signatures to demand anti-crisis measures
  • 20.04.2009 16:20  Economy, Politics,
    Opposition coalition plans to start training people who will promote its anti-crisis platform
  • 20.04.2009 15:40  Economy, Politics,
    Former National Bank head Bahdankevich to speak about opposition coalition's anti-crisis program at Friday's meeting of Public Advisory Council
  • 20.04.2009 15:18  Videos
    Video: Lyabedzka tells reporters on measures to promote opposition coalition’s anti-crisis proposals
  • 20.04.2009 15:12  Economy, Politics, Society
    Belarusian Christian Democracy to conduct anti-crisis campaign this week
  • 16.04.2009 19:44  Viewer, Politics, Security
    Russian ambassador: No relations without problems
  • 14.04.2009 22:49  Economy
    National Statistics Committee points to data on small enterprises to explain downward revision of key economic indicators
  • 14.04.2009 17:06  Economy
    National Statistics Committee revises downward key economic performance indicators for first two months
  • 09.04.2009 14:29  Economy, Politics,
    Opposition coalition urges government to take immediate anti-crisis measures
  • 08.04.2009 15:03  Economy
    Outdoor advertising market projected to shrink by 40 percent this year, expert says
  • 02.04.2009 20:22  Economy
    Lukashenka criticizes government’s performance during economic crisis
  • 02.04.2009 19:02  Economy
    Government establishes inter-agency group for studying international experience of tackling global financial crises



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