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Economic Crisis

  • 26.11.2008 09:31  Economy
    Lukashenka dismisses fears of rubel collapse
  • 25.11.2008 20:32  Society
    Global Fund to Fight AIDS will provide €20-million grant to Belarus, says UN resident coordinator
  • 25.11.2008 17:40  Videos
    Video: British ambassador on Belarus investment forum, global financial crisis
  • 25.11.2008 13:33  Society
    Belarus' economy should remain open amid global financial crisis, British ambassador says
  • 24.11.2008 13:28  Economy
    Industrial enterprises reduce working week over sales problems
  • 20.11.2008 21:46  Economy
    Global financial crisis affected Belarusian software exporters, says chairman of IT association's board
  • 19.11.2008 17:26  Economy
    Belarus' banking sector will remain stable amid global financial crisis, expert says
  • 14.11.2008 18:50  Videos
    Video: Agriculture minister says that global food crisis will not boost food prices in Belarus
  • 13.11.2008 14:49  Economy
    Exports of Belarusian farm machinery harmed by financial crisis
  • 13.11.2008 12:36  Economy
    Global financial crisis has not affected operation of Belnaftakhim, deputy head says
  • 13.11.2008 12:17  Economy
    Expert describes Belarusian real estate market as stagnant
  • 12.11.2008 15:26  Economy
    Minsk expects IMF to decide on loan request in near future, prime minister says
  • 06.11.2008 20:10  Economy
    Number of vehicles imported by Belarus reported unchanged year-on-year in first nine months
  • 03.11.2008 16:14  Videos
    Video: Opposition economist slams government’s reaction to financial crisis
  • 03.11.2008 15:15  Economy
    Opposition coalition to draw up proposals for alleviation of effects of global financial crisis
  • 31.10.2008 16:41  Economy
    Lukashenka gives consent to appointment of several CEOs
  • 31.10.2008 13:58  Economy
    Global finance crisis can affect Belarusian economy, National Bank says
  • 30.10.2008 19:57  Viewer, Economy,
    Independent economist does not share government's optimism on economy
  • 30.10.2008 16:33  Economy
    Population trusts banking sector, Lukashenka says
  • 30.10.2008 16:22  Economy
    Official denies existence of banking crisis in Belarus



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