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Economic Crisis

  • 10.02.2009 16:41  Economy
    Lukashenka rules out rubel collapse
  • 09.02.2009 20:09  Society, Economy,
    Only three to four percent of Belarusians predict change of government because of ongoing economic crisis, independent pollster says
  • 09.02.2009 19:08  Economy
    Former head of National Bank expresses doubt that Public Advisory Council under Presidential Administration will accept his anti-crisis proposals
  • 09.02.2009 17:02  Economy
    Opposition working on anti-crisis measures
  • 09.02.2009 16:49  Politics, Economy,
    Opposition coalition set to force government to make “correct decisions” or expose its inaction
  • 08.02.2009 14:57  Economy
    Belarus’ GDP continues rising despite recession in neighboring countries, premier says
  • 08.02.2009 14:37  Viewer, Economy,
    Belarus likely to face deep structural crisis within next two years
  • 06.02.2009 19:50  Videos
    Video: Experts comment on impact of global crisis on Belarusian economy
  • 06.02.2009 15:06  Economy
    Global crisis has not yet hit Belarus hard, Lukashenka says
  • 05.02.2009 16:37  Economy
    Interior ministry predicts rise in economic crime, corruption
  • 05.02.2009 15:49  Economy
    Minsk Automobile Factory introduces shorter work week amid slumping sales
  • 04.02.2009 23:52  Economy
    Eurasian Economic Community member states lack money more than anything else, Lukashenka says
  • 04.02.2009 18:06  Economy
    Eurasian Economic Community to create joint fund for addressing economic crisis
  • 03.02.2009 19:00  Economy, Politics,
    Medvedev, Lukashenka approve anti-crisis action plan
  • 03.02.2009 16:13  Politics
    Measures against economic crisis discussed by Belarusian, Russian leaders at Union State talks
  • 02.02.2009 16:00  Economy
    Belarus unprepared for global crisis, expert says
  • 30.01.2009 21:35  Economy, Politics,
    Prime ministers of Belarus, Russia approve joint action plan against crisis
  • 28.01.2009 20:55  Economy
    Economy ministries of Belarus, Russia generate joint action plan to minimize effects of global economic crisis
  • 28.01.2009 18:41  Economy
    National Bank head denies plans to introduce restrictions at exchange
  • 27.01.2009 19:20  Videos
    Video: German economic expert on economic crisis in Belarus



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