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Economic Crisis

  • 24.12.2014 13:43  Finance
    National Press Center cancels financial officials` news conference
  • 24.12.2014 12:38  Politics
    Opposition organizations set to stage anti-Lukashenka rally in Minsk on January 11
  • 22.12.2014 16:11  Politics
    Lukashenka must resign, United Civic Party says
  • 19.12.2014 22:25  Viewer, Politics,
    Lukashenka braces for showdown with Putin
  • 19.12.2014 17:40  Economy
    Lukashenka seeks to ease fears over currency crisis
  • 18.12.2014 20:23  Viewer, Finance,
    Minsk’s effort to prop up rubel can deplete foreign exchange reserves
  • 16.12.2014 19:25  Economy
    CIS member countries will develop joint action plan to minimize consequences of financial crisis in Russia, CIS executive secretary says
  • 09.12.2014 19:22  Viewer, Economy,
    Collapsing Russia is a problem for Belarus
  • 29.11.2014 16:49  Politics
    Belarusian Christian Democracy suggests urgent reforms to tackle political, economic crisis
  • 14.11.2014 17:30  Economy, Belarus — EU,
    Ukraine conflict may push Belarus toward West, economy minister says
  • 30.10.2014 18:38  Security
    CIS appreciates Belarus' role in Ukraine peace process, expert says
  • 10.10.2014 16:14  Politics
    Ambassador: Ukraine seeking peaceful solution to crisis in Donetsk, Luhansk provinces
  • 09.10.2014 20:41  Economy
    Ukraine suspends electricity exports to Belarus
  • 01.10.2014 13:56  Politics
    Poll: Nearly 60 percent of Belarusians approve of Lukashenka's stance on Ukraine crisis
  • 09.09.2014 15:09  Politics
    Ukraine crisis was primarily caused by Ukrainians, Lukashenka says
  • 07.09.2014 19:19  Politics
    Lukashenka denies that he tries to reap political dividends from Ukraine crisis
  • 26.08.2014 20:57  Economy, Politics,
    Nazarbayev suggests jointly developing anti-crisis plan for Ukrainian economy
  • 26.08.2014 19:57  Politics
    Poroshenko says he is ready to discuss with Putin possible “face-saving withdrawals from the game”
  • 25.08.2014 18:39  Viewer, Politics, Security
    Minsk appears most acceptable meeting place for all those involved in Ukraine’s conflict
  • 22.08.2014 22:05  Viewer, Politics, Security
    Minsk’s Ukraine peace effort may help it unfreeze ties with EU



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