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Economic Crisis

  • 30.07.2014 11:03  Politics
    Belarus may benefit from hosting talks on Ukraine crisis, experts say
  • 30.07.2014 09:29  Politics
    Minsk may host talks on Ukraine crisis
  • 10.06.2014 17:54  Politics
    Lukashenka blames Ukraine crisis on domestic problems, first, outside interference, second
  • 05.05.2014 16:21  Viewer, Security, Economy
    Lukashenka loses integration round
  • 21.04.2014 17:31  Politics, Security,
    Top Orthodox cleric blames Ukraine crisis on selfishness
  • 16.04.2014 13:34  Economy
    Survey: Belarusians see brighter economic prospects
  • 13.04.2014 18:59  Politics
    Lukashenka says that he drew conclusions from Ukraine’s crisis
  • 28.03.2014 13:56  Politics
    Ukraine crisis should be resolved in Ukraine, Belarusian foreign ministry says
  • 24.03.2014 19:04  Economy
    Belarus' imports from Ukraine reported down 38.5 percent in January 2014
  • 12.03.2014 16:03  Politics
    Lukashenka tells Ukraine’s new leaders to prioritize people’s needs over foreign trips
  • 11.03.2014 18:57  Politics, Security,
    Deputy foreign ministers of CIS member countries to meet in Minsk on Friday to discuss Ukraine crisis
  • 05.03.2014 21:05  Economy
    Putin warns of Ukraine crisis' negative impact on Customs Union
  • 04.03.2014 22:50  Politics, Security,
    Belarusian foreign minister says he does not believe that something similar to Ukraine crisis will happen in Belarus
  • 27.02.2014 18:19  Viewer, Politics,
    Belarus not guaranteed against revolutions
  • 18.02.2014 20:18  Politics, Security,
    Belarusian foreign ministry calls for "civilized dialogue" to end crisis in Ukraine
  • 07.02.2014 21:17  Politics
    National Assembly of Belarus expresses concern about political crisis in Ukraine
  • 21.01.2014 21:48  Politics, Security,
    Lukashenka: Crisis in Ukraine is nightmare and disaster
  • 03.01.2014 18:50  Economy
    More Belarusians pin their hopes on Russia to end Belarus’ economic crisis, poll finds
  • 02.01.2014 17:19  Economy
    Almost 70 percent of Belarusians believe that national economy is in crisis, poll finds
  • 20.12.2013 17:34  Politics
    Belarus hopes that political and social crisis in Ukraine will be resolved soon, Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhnevich says



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