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About us

What is BelaPAN

BelaPAN is a leading supplier of political, economic, business, financial and other information from Belarus , holding a serious segment of the country's market of research, monitoring, advertising, and PR services.

The name "BelaPAN" is an abbreviation for " Беларускае прыватнае агентства навiн " (Belarusian Private News Agency).

Founded by Ales Lipay in 1991, BelaPAN, a close private corporation, has developed a reputation of being an independent, reliable and instant source of information. Reports by BelaPAN are published by the largest newspapers in Belarus and are referred to by leading radio stations and television networks in the world. Our customers include Belarusian governmental agencies, international organizations, diplomatic offices, banking and financial institutions, and companies and organizations in many countries in the world.

BelaPAN reports news on a real time basis in the Belarusian, Russian and English languages and has a network of correspondents that covers the entire territory of Belarus .

BelaPAN focuses its attention on:

--political events in the country and the government's foreign-policy activities;

--the economic and financial situation in modern Belarus ;

--military news, activities of the police and other law-enforcement and security agencies, and the human rights situation;

--sports news, events in the social, cultural and other spheres of Belarusian society.

In addition, BelaPAN offers analytical, reference and specialized products.

The BelaPAN organization includes a news agency, a multimedia news service, an analytical department, an advertising service, and an online newspaper called The Belorusskiye Novosti (

BelaPAN Principles

BelaPAN is known in Belarus and abroad as a reliable, impartial and instant source of information about events in Belarus .

Two basic principles that BelaPAN adheres to in its operation are:

--Covering all important events irrespective of whether they stem from opposition forces or authorities, which prevents the company from falling under the influence of any interest groups;

--Reporting facts without rendering judgment or label but offering comments by experts and all concerned parties without giving preference to any of them;

BelaPAN provides first-hand information, reporting news directly from the scene and offering comments by prominent analysts, politicians, economists, researchers, and other experts.

BelaPAN Products

BelaPAN offers more than 20 information, analytical, reference and specialized products, and provides various information, research, advertising and monitoring services. More detailed information can be read in the sections Products and Services .

BelaPAN's products are distributed by subscription. A subscription form can be filled in here :

To subscribe to BelaPAN products, one should send an application to

BelaPAN is a rapidly developing company. Since 2002, BelaPAN has been running an online newspaper, The Belorusskiye Novosti, which has already managed to become a leader in Belarus ' market of online news products. The newspaper can be read at


BelaPAN's activity has won acclaim both in Belarus and abroad.

BelaPAN won the Dmitry Zavadsky prize "For Courage and Professionalism" in 2004 as “a confirmation of BelaPAN's impeccable reputation and its journalists' high professionalism.” 

The company won the Zeit Foundation's Young Press of Eastern Europe annual award in 2005.

BelaPAN and its online newspaper Belorusskiye Novosti were awarded a Runet Prize as the best online Russian-language source of news outside Russia in 2006.


The main office of the BelaPAN company is located at number 17 Akademicheskaya St., Office 3, Minsk , 2200012, Republic of Belarus

Tel.: +375 (17) 323-75-58, 243-56-47

Fax: +375 (17) 325-56-57


Official website:



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